Pharmacology - Chapter 6


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What are the two most frequently prescribed contrast media? Iodine based (Z 53) and Barium Z (Z 56)
High-density pharmacologic agents used to visualize low-contrast body tissues Radiopaque Contrast Media (ROCM)
All Radiopaque Contrast Media besides barium are forms of _____ Triiodinated benzoic acid
List the forms of ROCM 1. Parenteral and Enteral, 2. Ionic and Nonionic, 3. High Osmolality
Iodine molecules act as ___________ Photon Absorbers
_______ is directly related to the percentage of iodine in the molecule Absorption
Is the movement of water across a semipermeable membrane Osmosis
Controls the distribution and movement of water between body compartments Osmolality
The terms _____ and _____ are used interchangeably but they define different measurements. osmolality (weight), osmolarity (volume)
Is the concentration of molecules per weight of water Osmolality
Is the concentration of molecules per volume of solution Osmolarity
List the three broad categories of ROCM 1. High-osmolality ionic, 2. Low-osmolality nonionic, 3. Low-osmolality ionic