I&CW7-Ch 06


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1) If a user has the Deny Full Control permission for the root of the D: drive and the Allow Full Control permission for D:\Documents, then the user’s effective permissions for D:\Documents will be __ Full control. Allow Full Control
2) A user calls the help desk and asks you why she cannot send print jobs to a shared printer that is using Win 7 as a print server. You determine that the problem is related to the printer permissions. The user cannot send jobs to the printer because she only has the __ permission for the printer. Manage Documents
3) To share a printer with network users, you must first open the Network and Sharing Center and turn on __ and __. Network Discovery and File and Print Sharing
4) In the Windows printing architecture, the two hardware components are called the __ and the __. Printer Device and the Printer Server
5) Jack has the Allow Print, Allow Manage Documents, and Allow Manage Printers’ permissions to a printer with a priority of 1. Jill has the Allow Print permission to a printer with a priority of 10, connected to the same print device. If Jack and Jill both submit a print job at exactly the same time, __’s print job will be processed first. Jill's
6) The primary function of a printer driver is to take printer commands generated by applications and convert them into __ commands. PCL - Printer Control Language
7) In the NTFS permission system, __ permissions are actually combinations of __ permission. Standard and Special
8) When no users have NTFS permissions to access a particular file, the only person who can regain access to it is the __. Owner
9) To share a printer, you must be a member of the __ group. Administrative
10) To create a share called DOCS and hide it from network users, you must assign it the name __. DOCS$
1) Granting users the Manage Printers permissions enables them to submit jobs to the printer. F
2) All permissions are stored in the access control list of the element being protected. T
3) A security principal is the person granting permissions to network users. F
4) NTFS permissions always take precedence over share permissions. F
5) To create a printer pool, you must create a separate printer for each print device. F
6) Granting someone the Allow Manage Printers permission enables them to submit jobs to the printer. T
7) To assign different printer priorities to two different groups, you must create two printers. T
8) When you move an NTFS file to a location on the same volume, the file’s existing permissions move with it. T
9) When you install a printer for a print device connected to a Win 7 computer’s USB port, you must specify the print device’s manufacturer and model. F
10) When you open a print queue window and cancel the document that is currently printing, the print device stops immediately. F