PSAT Word List


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Accessible (The car was Accessible by all kinds of people) Easy to approach
Abstain (He Abstained from using lethal force) Refrain, hold oneself back voluntarily from an action or practice
Abstract (His idea was an Abstract answer to the problem) Theoretical, not concrete, nonrepresentational
Abstruse (Due to the fact he spoke in an Abstruse form, many people did not understand him) Obsure, profound, difficult to understand
Accelerate (The car Accelerated) Move faster
Abase (The Queen was forced to Abase to the invaders) Lower, humiliate
Abate (They waited for the storm to Abate before leaving) Subside
Abdicate (He Abdicated his beliefs to the Inquisitors) Renounce, give up
Aberration (The Veteran was likely to exhibit Aberrations in his behavior) Deviation from expected or the normal, mental irregularity or disorder
Abet (He felt the need to Abet the rebels) Encourage, aid
Abeyance (The car crash caused an Abeyance in the race) Suspended action
Abject (Many homeless live in Abject situations) Hopeless and crushed, servile and spiritless, wretched
Abrade (The water eventually Abraded the stone, causing a canyon to form) Wear away by friction, scrape, erode
Abscond (The man who Absconded with the money pleaded guilty) Depart secretly to avoid capture
Absolute (The kings word is Absolute) Complete, totally unlimited, certain
Absolve (He was Absolved from his crimes by the Govenor) Pardon, free from blame
Accessory (His tie was an Accessory to his outfit) Additional object, useful but not essential thing
Acclaim (He was critically Acclaimed by all the critics and got his rise to fame) Applaud, announce with great approval
Accolade (He was given an Accolade for his bravery in the battlefield) Award of merit
Accommodate (She Accommodated the guest with a room) Provide lodgings
Acommodate (He accommodated the garden by putting more flowers in it) Oblige or help someone, adjust or bring into harmony, adapt
Accomplice (BP's Accomplice is low regulations on drilling for oil) Partner in crime