SAT Vocab Set1


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affluent wealthy; rich; well-to-do
abash shame, embarrass
abate lessen in intensity
abdicate to give up power formally
aberration a departure from the norm
abet assist or encourage
abhor hate, detest, loathe
abject very low in spirit or condition
abstemious moderate, especially in the use of food and drink
abstract theoretical (opposite of concrete)
abstruse difficult to understand; complex
acclaim praise, admiration; to praise
accord agreement, harmony
acme peak, highest point
acquiesce yield, give in, comply
acrid harsh or bitter in odor or taste
acrimonious harsh or itter speech or temper
acumen keen insight; mental acuteness
acute sharp, keen, or penetrating
adage a wise old saying
adamant stubborn or unyielding
admonish warn, scold, express disapproval
adulation excessive admiration or devotion
adversary opponent; enemy
advocate support, endorse, speak in favor of
aesthetic pertaining to beauty or artistic taste
affable friendly, good natured
aggravate make worse
alacrity zeal, zest, enthusiasm
alleviate lessen, make less sever
allusion an indirect reference
ally friend;partner; on the same side
altercation angry dispute or quarrel
altruistic acting out of concern for the welfare of others
amalgamate combine into a whole
amass to gather, accumulate, pile up
ambiguous having more than one meaning; vague; unclear
ambivalent wavering between two courses of action, indecisice
ameliorate to make better; improve
amenable responsive; receptive; agreeable
amiable friendly
amicable friendly
amity friendship
ample large in amount; sufficient
anachronism misplacig of an event in time
anarchy lack of order, laws, or government - chaos
anathema an object of intense dislike; a curse
animosit strong dislike
animus animosity or ill-will
anomaly a separture from the norm; something unusual or abnormal
antagonism hostility; opposition; resistance
apathy lack of interest, emotion, feeling
apex highest point
apocryphal of questionable origin
apostate renegade; one who deserts his party or faith
appease pacify, calm, soothe
apprehensive fearful or anxious
apt suitable; appropriate
arable able to be farmed; tillable
arbiter a judge
arbitrary done for no particular reason; based on individual judgement
arcane known only to a few; mysterious; obscure; secret; esoteric
archaic out-of-date, old fashioned
ardor passion, zeal, enthusiasm
ardulous difficult, requiring exertion
arrogant cocky; overly self confident
articulate able to speak and express oneself well
ascetic rigidly self denying; severe, strict, plain, unadorned
asperity sharpness or severity in language, tone, or manner
assess to estimate, measure, determine
assiduous devoted, diligent, persistent
astute perceptive, clever
asylum a place of refuge or security
atrophy to waste away from lack of use
audacity extreme boldness
augment increase in amount or intensity
auspicious promising; favorable; positive
austere severe, plain, very simple in manner or living conditions
authentic real; genuine
authoritarian acting like a dictator
avarice greed
averse unwilling,disinclined,opposed
aversion dislike, opposition, disinclination
avid eager, enthusiastic
balk to refuse to proceed, hesitate
banal trite, comonplace, dull, overused
baneful destructve, harmful
belittle put down, disparage
bellicose warlike; inclined to fight
belligerent hostile; warlike
benefactor a doer of good; a generous donor (opposite is malefactor)
benevolent kind, good-hearted (opposite of malevolent)
benign kindly, not harmful,mild
biased prejudiced; no neutral
bibliophile lover of books
blasphemy going against or saying something against accpeted practice; heresy
blithe happy, carefree
boycott refuse to do business with
brevity briefness, shortness
brusque rude; abrupt in manner
bucolic pertaining to country like, rural
burgeon to swell or grow rapidly
cabal a group plotting secretly; a conspiracy
cadaverous pale, thin, corpse-like
cajole persuade by flattery or deceit
callous insensitive, unfeeling
calumny slander, defamatio of character
candid frank, open, honoest (noun=candor)
capricious inclined to change one's mind, whimsical
captious quick to take offense or find fault
carp criticise or complain
castigate criticize or punish severly
catholic broad-minded, liberal, universal
caustic harsh, burning, sever
censor to remove offensive parts
censure condemn, criticize, blame
champion to support or endorse; one who endorses or supports a person, cause, etc.
carlatan a quack or fraud
chastise to punish or discipline
chauvinism extreme devotion to a cause, country, or position
chicanery deception by fraud or trickery
chimerical highly imaginary, fantastic
circuitous indirect, roundabout
circumspet careful, cautious
circumvent get around, avoid
circumlocutory wordy, prolix, verbose
clamorous loud, noisy
clandestine secret; hidden; underground
cliche an over-used word or phrase
coalesce come together; fuse; join
coerce force or compel
cogent forceful, convincing, compelling
comely pleasing to look at, pretty
compatible harmonious, able to get along
collaborate work together
compelling forceful; demanding immediate attention
complacent smug, sel-satisfied, overconfident
compliant submissive; giving in easily
comprehensive broad; complete; all-encompassing
compromise to settle by concession or mutual giving in
conciliate to soothe; to give in to end a dispute
concise using few words; terse; to the point
concur agree
condescend to lower oneself; to talk down to
condolence expression of sympathy
condone overlook, forgive, ecuse
conjecture guess, opinion, theory
connive to plan secretly
connoisseur an expert in a particular area
conspicuous obvious; easily seen
construe to interpret or explain
consummate to complete or finalize; perfect, the highest degree
contemporary living at the same time; modern
contempt disdain; complete disrespect
contrite sorrowful for sin; penitent
contumely scorn or contempt
conundrum a difficult problem or puzzle
conventional ordinary; traditional; normal
convival sociable, friendly, festive
convoluted intricate; complicated; complex
copious large in amount or number
corpulet plump (less than obese)
corroborate to confirm, support, verify
cosmopolitan broad-minded
coterie a social group; a clique
coup a brilliantly executed plan; an overthrow of a government
covert secret; hidden
crass insensitive or coarse
credence belief or trust
credible believable
credulous believing; trusting; gullible
criterion standard of judgement
cryptic mysterious; puzzling; engimatic
culpable deserving blame; guilty
cupidity greed
cursory superficial, overly hasty, not thorough
curt short, abrupt
curtail shorten
cynical inclined to distrust or suspect the worst of people
debonair pleasant in manner
debunk to prove false; to prove hoax
decorum rules of proper conduct; propritey of manners
deference submission to another's ideas or opinions
deign to lower oneself; to condescend
deleterious harmful, injurious, detrimental
demagogue rabble-rouser; unprincipled leader
demur to object, refuse, take exception
demure affected modest or shy, prissy
denigrate to criticise; speak negatively about
denounce to speak against, to condemn
deplete to use up; to reduce
depravity moral corruption; baseness
deprecate speak strongly against
derelict an outcast; neglectful in preforming one's duties
deride mock; make fun of
derogatory negative; critical; belittling
desecrate to make unholy; to profane
despotic cruel, tyrannical; dictatorial
destitute very poor, indigent, impoverished
desultory unmethodical; disorganized
deter to stop or prevent from doing something
desultory unmetodical; disorganized
deter to stop or prevent from doing something
deviate to wander, to vary, to go away from the usual direction or plan
dexterous skillful, especially with the hands
diatribe a bitter or abusive speech
didactic intentionally instructive
diffidet modest, shy, lacking confidence
digress to stray away from the subject
dilatory causing delay
silettat a dabbler; a person with limited knowledge in a particular area
diligent industrious; hard-working
discern to perceive; to distinguish one thing from another
discord disagreement, disharmony
discriminate to make a distinction, to see the differentce, to use good judgement
discomfiture confusion; frustration; uneasiness
disdain to view with contempt; look down upon; scorn
disingenous not straightforward; crafty
disinterested impartial; meutral; unbiassed
disparage to discredit, speak negatively of
disparate different
disparity inequality; difference
dispassionate free from passion; unemotional
dissent disagreement; unrest
distraught very upset
diverse varied
docile easy to manage; tame
dogmatic insistent in one's opinion's; assuming that one's ideas are unchallengeable
dormant inactive; sleeping
dubious doubtful
duplicity deception or deceit
ebullient happy; enthusiastic
eccentric odd; peculiar; unusual; quirky
eclectic varied; from many sources; diverse
efface to erase or wipe out
effete no longer productive; worn out
efficacious producing the desired effect
effigy a crude likeness
effrontery boldness; audacity
effusive very expressive, demonstrative, gushy
egregious conspicuous, flagrant, outrageous
elicit to bring out, to draw forth
eloquent able to speak well, effectively
elucidate clarify, explain
elusive hard to catch or pin down
emaciated very thin, gaunt, wasted by starvation or disease
emanate to issue forth, come out of
embargo a stoppage or blockage of trade
emolument payment, remuneration
empathy the ability to relate to the feelings of another persons
emulate to try to be like; to imitate
encomium praise
endemic native, peculiar to a particular location or people, indigenous
endorse approve of or support
enervate to lessen the strength of
engender establish in, create
enhance to add to; to improve; to heighten
enigma a riddle or puzzle
ephemeral short-lived; fleeting, tranditory
epicure a lover of pleasure, a hedonist
epiphany a moment of enlightment or awareness
epitome a perfect example
equanimity calm, composure
equitable impartial, fair, even-handed
equivocal uncertain; capable of being taken more than one way
erratic irregular, inconsistent, uneven
erudite scholarly, learned, of profound learning
esoteric understood only by a select few, obscure, abstruse
eulogy a speech or statement of praise, usually given at a funeral
euphony a pleasing combination of sounds
evade avoid, move away from
exacerbate to aggravate, make worse
execration a curse
exemplary worthy of being used as an example
exemplify to be an example of
exhaustive thorough, complete
exhort to urge strongly
exigency a state or situation of great need or urgency, a crisis
exonerate to free from blame, exculpate
expatiate to speak or write at length
expedient producing the desired effect; advantageous
expedite to make faster or easier to do
expiate to atone for, to earn forgiveness
exploit a heroic deed, verb, to use to one's own advantage
expunge to erase, wipe out, eradicate, efface
extemporize to speak or do without preparation, improvise, ad lib
extenuate to lessen, to make smaller or weaker in degree or significance
extirpate to root out, to get rid of
extol praise, laud, acclaim
extraneous insignificant, non-essential, of secondary importance, peripheral, ancillary
extricate to get out of, to disentangle
extrinsic not central or fundamental, not directly related
dacetious lacking seriousness, foolish
facile easy, done with little effort
facilitate to make easier, to help
facsimile a duplicate or copy
fallacious false, untrue
fanatic one who is very devoted to a cause, idea, etc
farce a ridiculous situation
fastidious hard to please, picky, fussy
fathom get to the bottom of, understand
fatuous silly, foolish, inane
feasible capable of being carried out, workable
fecund fertile, highly productive
feign to fake or pretendferal fierce, wild, savage
fiasco a complete failure, a disaster
fickle changing one's mind, changeable, capricious
filch to steal something insignificant
filial having to do with a son or daughter
flagrant very obvious, done in the open, outrageous
florid excessively flowry or ornate, red, ruddy (as in someone's complexion)
fluctuate vary; be unstable; move up and down
foible frailty or defect in character, peculiarity
forensic related to public speaking or debate
formidable powerful, inspiring fear or awe, difficult to accomplish
fortuitous happening by chance (for the good)
fractious quarrelsome, hard to manage
frenetic frantic, frenzied
frugal thrifty, using strict economy
futile hopeless, useless, worthless
frugal thrifty, using strict economy
frivolous not serious, trivial, silly
fruitful productive, producing results
fulsome disgusting, grossly insincere
fundamental essential, basic
furtive sneaky; done in a secretive manner
garish flashy, showy, gaudy
garnish to decorate or embellish
garrulous talkative loquacious
gaunt very thin, emancipated
genre a category or classification
ghastly shocking; horrifying; grotesque
girth distance around the middle
glower to stare at angrily
gravity seriousness
gregarious sociable, liking to be in a group
grimace facial expression indicating disapprocal or pain
guile cunning; deceit; trickery
gullible overly trusting, willing to believe anything, credulous
hackneyed trite; overused; stale
haggard having a worn or tired appearance
hamper prevent; impede; get in the way of
harangue a loud, abusive speech; atirade
harbinger an indication or sign, an omen
hardy robust, strong, durable
haughty scornfully proud; condescending
hedonist a lover of pleasure
heed obey; pay attention to
heinous shocking; stocious; deeply offensive
herculean requiring great strength; of extraordinary size
heresy an opinion that goes against generally accpeted views
hiatus a break or gap, especially in time
hinder obstruct; impede; get in the way of
histrionic overly emotial; intended for effect; theatrical
hyperbole overstatement; exaggeration for effect
hypocrite an insincere person, a person who says one thing and does something else
hypothetical theoretical, for the sake of argument
idiosyncrazy a peculiarity; an odd habit or personal mannerism
idyllic simple; without care
ignominy public disgrace or hishonor; infamy
illicit illegal
illuminate to light up, clarify, make clear
immune protected; safe from harm
immutable not capable of being changed
impartial not biassed neutral; disinterested
impasse a stalemate; a stoppage; a situation with no progress or movement
impeccable flawless; without blemish or fault
imperious overbearing; domineering
impertinent rude, disrespectful
impervious not capable of being penetrated or affected
impetuous hotheaded, not using good judgement
impinge to intrude on another's rights, to encroach
implacable unyielding; stubborn; incapable of being calmed down
impromptu spontaneous; unplanned
impugn challenge; attack as false; question; to slander; as in, impugn one's integrity
impunity freedom from punishment
inadvertent unintentional
inane silly, foolish, fatuous
inarticulate unable to express oneself clearly
incarcerate to imprision or confine
incessant ceaseless, constant, perpetual
incipient in the beginning stages
inclined tending toward
incognito underan an assumed name; disguised
incoherent impossible to understand
incongruous not going together; inconsistent; out of harmony
inconsequential insignificant; unimportant
incumbent required; necessary; established in office
indifferent uncaring; unconcerned; neutral
indigent very poor, destitute, impoverished
indolent lazy
indulgent giving in to one's desires; pampering; spoiling
ineffable intangible; incapable of being defined or expressed
inert inactice; incapable or unwilling to move
inevitable unavoidable
inexorable unstoppable; unyielding
infamous famous for something bad; notorious
inferred implies; suggested; derived by reasoning
ingratiate to try to get oneself into the favor of another, to kiss up to
innate inborn, natural, not learned
innocuous harmless
innovate to be creative; to do something new
inordinate excessive; beyond what is usual or necessary
inscrutable incapable of being understoof
insidious treacherous; full of deceit or cunning, threatening
insipid bland; dull; uninteresting
insolent rude; lacking manners or respect
instigate to start; stimulate; get going
insurmountable incapable of being overcome
intangible abstract; not capable of being touched or felt
intimate very personal; very closely related
intimation hint
intractable not easily managed or influenced; stubborn
intransigent refusing to yield or compromise; stubborn
intrepid brave; courageous
intrinsic essential, fundamental, basic, or primary importance
inveigle to persuade by flattery; cajole; blandish
inveterate habitual; long-established
iradcible easily angered; bad-tempered
ironic unexpected, not as one would expect, satiric
irrational not governmed by reason; unreasonable
itinerant migratory; moving from place to place; wandering
itinerary plan or schedule for the day
jaunt lively, carefree, upbeat
jeopardize to place in danger
jingoist an extreme nationalist; a super patriot
jocular joking, happy
jovial happy, high spirited
judicious wise; using good judgement
jurisprudence the field or study of law
laconic using few words, inclined not to say much, tacitum
lament to express regret, to mourn
lampoon a comic rendering, a parody
languid lacking energy; slow; tired
largesse generosity or munificense
latent innate, inborn, natural
laudable worthy of praise; commendable
lavish spent or produced in abundance; rish; extravagant
lax careless; negligent; not diligent
legion numerous; existing in large numbers
lethargy lack of energy; sluggishness; torpor
levity lack of seriousness
listless lacking energy; sluggish
loquacious very talkative
lucid clear easy to understand
lucrative financially profitable
lugubrious sad teary mournful
lurid shocking, sensational, horrifying
luxuriant rich, lush, abundant
magnanimous generous, noble, high minded
malfeasance wrongdoing; misconduct
malice intentionally harmful or destructive
malinger fail to do one's duty; shirk responsibility
mar to deface, harm, spoil, ruin
marshal manage, arrange, direct
martinet a stric disciplinarian
maudlin excessively sentimental
maverick a non-conformist, a rebel
meander to walk aimlessly
mendacious given to lying or falsehood
mendicant begging, a beggar
mercenary motivated by money
mercurial changing someone's mind or mood quickly
merger a joining together
meticulous picky, careful, fussy
mettle courage; valor
misanthrope person who hates other people
miser a fanatic about saving money
mitigate to lessen, make less severe
mnemonic having to do with memory
mollify calm, pacify, appease, placate, soothe
monotonous tiresome, unchaing, unvarying
moot deprived of practical significance, academic, debatable
motleu multi-colored, varied, diverse in origin
mundance pertaining to the earth, dull, unimaginative
munificent generous
nadir lowest point
nascent newly emerging or existing
nebulous cloudy, vague, indefinite
nefarious wicked, treacherous
negligence carelessness; indifference
neophyte beginner, novice, tyro
neutral unbiased; objective
noisome unwholesome; foul-smelling; disgusting
nomadic wandering itinerant
nominal in name only; trifling; insignificant
nostalgic yearning for the past
novel new; unusual; creative
novice a beginner; neophyte
noxious harmful, destructive
nullify cancel; render void
obdurate stubborn; obstinate; inflexible adamant; unyielding
obese extremely fat
objectice neutral; without bias
obliterate wipe out; destroy
oblivious unaware of; blind to
obloquy condemnation; verbal abuse; a state of disgrace
obscure unclear; clouded; hard to understand
obsequious overly servile; butt-kissing
obsolete no longer in use; archaic; outdated
obstinate stubborn
obtuse mentally dull
obviate make unnecessary
odium disgrace; contempt; loathing
officious meddlesome, literally, making too much of one's office
ominous threatening; foreboding; suggesting something bad to come
omniscient all knowing
opprobrium shame or disgrace
opulence wealth - affluence
orthodox standard; conventional; commonly accepted
ostentatious flasy; overly showy; excessive
ostracize banish or cast out
overt open; obvious; done in the open
panacea a cure-all
pander to cater to another's desires; kiss up to
paradigm an example or model
paradox a statement or situation that appears false or contradictory but may be true
paramount of highest importance
pariah a social outcast
parochial narrow-minded; limited in perspective
parry block; deflect; ward off
parsimonious stingy; cheap
partisan narrow-minded; limited in perspective
parstoral relating to the country; rural; bucolic
patrician pertaining to the upper classes
patronizing condescending
paucity scarcity; lackl inadequate amount
pedestrian dull; uninteresting; boring
pejorative used in the negative sense
penchant tendancy toward; inclination; liking
penury extreme poverty; destitution; indigence
perceptive having keen understanding; discerning; acute; perspicacious
peremptory haughty, overly self-assured; not allowing objection
perfidy treachery; betrayal
perfunctory done carelessly or half--heartedly; done without enthusiasm
philanthropy doing good toward one's fellow man
pinnacle peak, high point
pious deeply religious
phobia an irrational fear
pillage to loot; plunder
peripheral on the edge; not of primary importance; secondary; ancillary; extrinsic
permeate spread through
pernicious evil; wicked; having an injurious effect
perspicacious keenly insightful; acute; discerning; perceptive
pertinacious stubborn; determined
pertinent revelent; germane
pervasive widespread; existing everywhere
pivotal important; critical; crucial
placate soothe; pacify; calm; mollify
platitude a dull or meaningless remark; a cliche
plausivle believable
plebeian pertaining to the common people or lower classes
plethora a large amount; an overabundance
poignant emotionally moving; touching
polemics an agressive attack on the opinions of another
ponder think about at length; meditate
ponderous weighty; extremely heavy; slow-moving; dull
portend to give a sign, warning, or threat of something to come
posthumous occuring after death
potent powerful, mighty
pragmatic practical, functional
preclude make impossible, prevent
precocious of abnormally early mental development; highly advanced for one's age
predecessor a person who came before another; ancestor; foreunner; antecedent
predeliction tendency; inclination
prerogative a privilege assumed as a right
presumptuous full of oneself; excessive