Spanish Verbs


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tocar to touch
creer to believe
doblar to fold
beber to drink
cantar to sing
alquilar to rent
cenar to have dinner
comer to eat
correr to run
deber to should
descansar to rest
ir to go
escribir to write
leer to read
ir to go
leer to read
nadar to swim
tocar to play
tomar el sol to sunbathe
ver to see
vivir to live
almorzar to have lunch
bañar[se] to take a bath
casarse to get married
costar[ue] to cost
decir[g,i] to say, tell
desayunar to have breakfast
dormir [ue] to sleep
dormir la siesta to take a nap
empezar [ie] to begin, to start
entender [ie] to understand
hacer to do / to make
hacer la cama to make the bed
jugar to play
lavar[se] to wash[oneself]
pasear to take a walk, to stroll
cortar to cut
levantarse to get up
oir [g] to hear
pasar to spend time
pedir to ask for
peinar[se] to comb
pensar + inf to plan to + inf
poder to be able to, can
poner to put, to turn on
preferir[ie] to prefer
querer [ie] to want
salir [g] to leave
secar [se] to dry [oneself]
seguir [i] to follow, to go on
servir [i] to serve
tener [g,ie] to have
traer [g] to bring
venir [g,ie] to come
vestir [se] [i] to dress, to get dressed
visitar to visit
volver [ue] to return
ayudar to help
barrer to sweep
cocinar to cook
conocer [zc] to know, to meet
limpiar to clean
ordenar to tidy up
pasar la aspiradora to vacuum
planchar to iron
preparar to prepare
recoger [j] to pick up
regar [ie] to water
regresar to come back
saber to know
secar to dry
sentir [ie,i] to feel
tender [ie] to hang [clothes], to make [a bed]
cambiar to change, to exchange
contestar to answer
dar to give, to hand
encantar to delight, to love
encontrar [ue] to find
entrar to go in, to enter
gastar to spend
gustar to be pleasing to, to like
interesar to interest
llevar to wear, to take
monstrar [ue] to show
pagar to pay
parecer [zc] to seem
ponerse to put on
probarse [ue] to try on
quedar to fit, to be left over
regalar to give [a present]
valer to be worth
vender to sell
acostar [ue] to put to bed
acostar[se] to go to bed, to lie down
afeitar [se] to shave
aplaudir to applaud
aprovechar to take advantage
competir [i] to compete
congelar [se] to freeze
despertar[se] [ie] to wake up
discutir to argue
dormirse [ue] to fall asleep
durar to last
ganar to win
esquiar to ski
ir [se] to go away, to leave
jugar a los bolos to bowl
lavar[se] los dientes to brush one's teeth
levantar to raise
llover[ue] to rain
maquillar[se] to put on makeup
nevar [ie] to snow
participar to participate
patinar to skate
perder [ie] to lose
quitar to take away, to remove
quitar[se] to take off
representar to represent
sentar[se] [ie] to sit down
traducir [zc] to translate
acompañar to accompany
comenzar [ie] to begin
disfrazarse to wear a costume
divertirse [ie,i] to have a good time
encerrar [ie] to lock up
invitar to invite
mantener [g,ie] maintain
mover [ue] to move
recordar [ue] to remember
respetar to respect
reunirse to get together
apagar to extinguish, to turn off
atender [ie] to answer, to attend
comunicar[se] to communicate
dejar to leave
enviar to send
esperar to wait fr
indicar to indicate
llenar to fill [out]
mandar to send
mejorar to improve
ofrecer [zc] to offer
solicitar to apply [for]
aconsejar to advise
añadir to add
batir to beat
dudar to doubt
freír [i] to fry
hervir [ie,i] to boil
permitir to permit, to allow
prohibir to prohibit, to forbid
recomendar to recomment
alegrarse [de] to be glad [about]
caer [se] to fall
cuidar [se] to take care of
doler [ue] to hurt
enfermarse to become sick
estornudar to sneeze
examinar to examine
fracturar [se] to fracture, to break
fumar to smoke
molestar to bother, be bothered by
recetar to prescribe
respirar to breathe
sentirse [ie,i] to feel
temer to fear
torcer [se] [ue] to twist
toser to cough
cancelar to cancel
doblar to turn
facturar to check in [luggage]
manejar to drive
perderse [ie] to get lost
reservar to make a reservation
revisar to inspect
viajar to travel
volar [ue] to fly
andar to walk
haber to have
incluir [y] to include
producir [zc] to produce
reir [i,i] to laugh
amar to love
eliminar to eliminate
alquilar to rent
beber to drink
cantar to sing
celebrar to celebrate
cenar to have dinner
comer to eat
correr to run
deber to should
descansar to rest
escribir to write
ir to go
leer to read
nadar to swim
tocar to play
tomar el sol to sunbathe
ver to see
vivir to live
desear to wish, to want
ser to be
usar to use
bailar to dance
buscar to look for
caminar to walk
comprar to buy
conversar to talk, to converse
escuchar to listen
estar to be
estudiar to study
hablar to speak
llegar to arrive
mirar to look [at]
montar to ride
necesitar to need
practicar to practice
sacar to get, to take [out]
tomar to take, to drink
tomar apuntes to take notes
trabajar to work
ser to be