Generalized Cell ( Plant and Animal Parts)


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cell membrane controls what goes in and out of cell, security guard, phospholipid bi-layer, black box
cell wall not found in animals, rigid/hard because of cellulose, provides structure/support for plant cells, sometimes found in bacteria
3. cytoplasm white space inside cell membrane gut-like mixture enclosed by cell membrane, 70% water 30% proteins, lipids, carbs, nucleic acids
4. nucelus contains genetic material (DNA) , makes proteins, all cellular activites, the BOSS a circle
5. nuclear membrane/envelope surrounds nucleus, 2 payers with pores, allows materials exit and enter
6. chromosomes DNA , blueprint for making proteins(traits, characeteristics) chromatid: tightly colided DNA
7. Nucleolus secretary, takes messages from nucleause to different parts of cell, RNA copy of DNA found within, responsible for ribsome, black dot in nucleas
8. ribosomes 100's , free floating ,attached ste of protein synthesis, protein energy
9. endoplasmic retratom converyor belt, produces wide variety of differnt mole cules, transport throughout cell (protein--> produces)
Rough ER: has ribosomes 2 different type of proteins produes membrane
Smooth ER lacks ribosomes, makes lipids - steroids
10. Golgi Appartaus- mail room packages proteins in lipids ships them out of cell and other parts
11. lysomome sucide sac, garbabe bag, have digestive enzymes that break down food, dead cell parts and other waste, takes waste material to the outside of cell more numerous than animal cells
12. vaculoe very large plant cells, much smaller than animal cells, stores food and water, provide shape and support for plant cells,
13. Chloroplast photosynthesis site, chlorophyll- green pigment that absoarbs sunlight * not found in animals
14. Mitochondria power house, cellular respiration site, fats/ carbonhydrates break down and turned to ATP, controlling amount of water and other material in the cell
Chloroplast and Mitochondia both have... their own seperate DNA
15. Cytoskeleton infastructure of the cell, network of fibers that keep organelles in place and helps maintain cell shape
16. Cilia movement - short hair like projection from cell membrane, coordinated beating action
17. Flagella movement (whips) long tail like structure nonmoving cells has both windpipe cilia
18. centrosome both animal and plant cells produces microtuboles, contains centrioles in animal