3rd Grade Vocabulary - Week 6


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Research To study books and information to learn more about a topic
Failed Trying to find answers but can not do it, not able to be successful
Proven To show something is true or real using plenty of facts
Smelly Having a very bad, strong odor
Endangered A living species that is at risk of dying, few animals in that species still exist
Captured To record something you see or hear to save the information for later
Evidence Pieces of items or information that prove something to be true
Eyewitness To see something firsthand with your own eyes and tell about it
Massive Very large, something that is huge
Existed To have lived, to have been alive and not made up
Wonder To think very carefully about, to be curious
Claimed To insist that something is true, even if there are not enough facts
Described To tell in great detail
Famous To be very popular, almost everyone in your culture knows your name