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Studying doesn't have to be painful. Cramberry helps you study with online flash cards.

Make cards on Cramberry, or choose from our catalog of free public flash cards. While you study, Cramberry

analyzes your progress and focuses on cards you need to study.

How Cramberry Works

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Create flash cards with Cramberry (so much easier than making paper cards!)...
... or pick from millions of pre-made flash cards in our collection (less typing, more studying!).
When you study, we analyze your progress and show you only the cards you need to focus on!

Intelligent studying


Cramberry's advanced studying algorithm maximizes learning by showing you cards you need help with more often.

Millions of pre-made cards


Choose from millions of flash cards made by other Cramberry users and share your own flash cards with your classmates and the world.

Clean, simple, fun.


We pay careful attention to the tiny details in Cramberry to make it amazingly simple, elegant, and a joy to use. We hope you like it!

Thousands of people use Cramberry to study millions of flash cards.


Start studying better and give Cramberry a try!